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David Wiley, Marketing Director

David Wiley is a sales and marketing executive whose success driving business growth with creative strategies that increase sales and gain market share began while still in high school and includes a stellar track record of outstanding results.

David partnered with a friend to launch his first company in 1993, a home satellite systems sales, installation, and service enterprise, that ultimately generated more than $21 million in net worth. Hiring and training more than 300 people, he built a highly productive sales, installation, and organization that delivered consistent per annum revenue increases over 10 years. His innovative sales, marketing, advertising, and promotion strategies were keys to becoming the largest Dish Network dealership in the nation, operating in 5 states. The Customer Care Program he instituted fostered a strong customer-focused culture that earned Dish Network’s “Summit Elite” dealership award.  David’s contributions extended far beyond the sales and marketing area, including processes and information technology that kept over-head costs low.

David identified a lucrative new market and struck out on his own to launch a new dealership.  David’s second company ultimately expanded to four cities across three states. The creative advertising and promotion strategies David implemented here drove continual sales revenue increases every year, and the organizational systems he put in place ensured efficient movement from point-of-sale to end product across the company’s southeastern markets.

Taking advantage of the flexibility afforded by the proceeds from sale of his interest in both home satellite businesses, David decided to return to a sales and marketing representative while he and his wife started a family and had two baby girls.  David currently serves as Marketing Director for Heritage Plus Financial where he oversees all marketing and promotional programs across multiple channels.

Showing an entrepreneurial bent at an early age, David founded and built a successful lawn care business while still in high school. He then completed several years of undergraduate studies in Business Administration/Sales and Marketing at Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. David is an active member of his local church, cherishes time spent with his family, and is an active sportsman engaging in fishing, sailing, golf, skiing, and windsurfing.