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Rhonda Wiley, Business Coordinator

Rhonda Wiley graduated from Texas A&M University with a BBA Degree in Management with a specialization in Chemical Engineering.  After college graduation, she worked as a Chemist for a company selected as analyst under the Super Fund Project analyzing Petroleum Hydrocarbons in soil.  After the government decided to cease funding this project of concern for environmental cleanliness, she was a representative for Brokerage Services at a brokerage house in the galleria area.

Rhonda joined her husband, David, in his two business ventures over the last 10 years which proved to be a rewarding experience of new heights for the various managerial, C-Level, and BOD roles.  With the proceeds of sale and having travelled extensively, she and her husband started a family after having been together for 18 years at that time.

She joined Heritage Plus Financial in 2008, but has known Charlie for decades.